How do I clean a Fight Knight dummy?2020-07-28T14:43:49+03:00

You will simply need to wipe it down with an antibacterial cleaner.

Because of the black color, you are easily able to notice the dust on it. Spray, wipe and rinse! It’s that simple.

Is it safe enough for my young athletes to train with?2020-07-28T14:44:26+03:00

In every sport, there is a correct way and a wrong way of doing things. When you first learning, you have poor technique ,nonetheless Fight Knight is a great tool , to lead  your athletes in correct way of striking and defending .

Is this durable enough for me to practice knife fighting with?2020-07-28T14:47:41+03:00

Fight Knight has several options for variety of uses. Surely, you can put weapons into it if you like. However, may harm the surface.

Is the body of Fight Knight dummy soft enough to not use gloves or leg protection??2020-07-28T14:49:17+03:00

Sure, the body of Fight Knight dummy is soft without gloves and without protector for the legs.

How many people is convenient to work with Fight Knight dummy at the same time?2020-07-28T14:50:34+03:00

1-3 People are able to workout together, because of steady mount.You can induct different methods of functional workouts and H.I.I.T by using just 1 .If you have more than one ,imagine what’s gonna happen to your athletes Vο2 max .

It will be a blast!!!

What is the power resistance of Fight Knight dummy?2020-07-28T14:51:51+03:00

We understand that athletes like to buy for the long term. The durability of a sports product is perceived as a quality feature and is an important purchasing criterion. That is why, we create Fight Knight dummy. After testing Materials and Mechanical Behavior, Fight Knight can resist in 1.3 ton of power !

If your power is more than that Please us know!

Do Fight Knight dummy really sharpen my accuracy more than a heavy bag?2020-07-28T14:52:29+03:00

Well, Fight Knight because of the humanlike look, gives you the ability to pinpoint your strikes, also you’re able to throw uppercuts better at it than at a regular heavy bag. With Fight Knight you learn how to adjust to realistic fighting conditions.

What makes Fight Knight Dummy ideal for my workout routine?2020-07-28T14:55:10+03:00

Fight Knight dummy is a great partner for your daily workout to improve your kicks, punches, knee and elbow strikes . It also level up your striking  accuracy, as you have various targets heights/sizes (arms, legs , nose, ribs, collar bone, solar plexus, temple, etc.) to sharpen your combos . It’s more realistic since he’s got a head, chin, ribs ,arms n legs  so you can place your punches better and touch up your footwork skills. It boosts your understanding the significance of keeping or closing the distance between you and your opponent. And the most important thing it reminds you, to KEEP YOUR HANDS UP !

Why Fight Knight dummy?2020-07-28T15:01:35+03:00
  • Innovative Product
  • Humanlike look
  • Soft material
  • Comfortable with or without gloves
  • Adjustable fighting guard (left & right )
  • Ideal for wall or floor
  • Multiple height settings
  • Verification of Mechanical Behavior and Testing of Materials
  • One Year (1) guarantee
How can i place it?2020-07-28T14:13:40+03:00

Fight Knight  is ideal for wall or floor , you just need a drill and screwdriver or weight plates and ..There you go !

Are there any replacement parts for Fight Knight dummy?2020-07-28T14:35:26+03:00

Of course, legs –arms –head, can be totally replaced .There are many variables due to your special needs!


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